ITIL V3/2011 Class AND Exam for around $500? YES! REALLY! (Updated for 2019!)

ITIL V3/2011 Foundation Training typically costs in the neighborhood of $1000-$1200 per person, whether it’s delivered in a classroom in person, or live online. Some people don’t have that kind of money laying around, but they need the ITIL Foundation certification! What’s a techie to do?

So many people are opting for video-based training; not only for the significant cost savings over live classes, but for the ultimate schedule flexibility. Pause the video as often as you need to, and for as long as you need to. You can even have the instructor repeat something as often as you need, and nobody will complain. The trade-off (for some people) however, is that you don’t have access to classmates or an instructor for questions or in-class activities. But if the materials you’re learning from are complete and easy to use, and if the instructor is an interesting presenter, you really don’t need activities. As for getting questions answered– just drop me a line at “videos (at)”. I’m friendly!

And with a handy and generous coupon from my publisher (“KNAPP60″), you can save 60% on my ITIL Foundation Exam LiveLesson videos at ! The videos are normally $239.99, and are now only $96.00 with that coupon!

Welcome to Jill’s Handy DIY ITIL V3/2011 Training and Exam Guide — updated for 2019!

I know this is long, but this is a DIY Guide! Please read it carefully. :)

You need four things to be able to take an ITIL V3/2011 Foundation Certification Class and Exam on your own:
(1) The Videos
(2) The Workbook, and
(3) the Study Guide… and then
(4) you’ll need to take the actual ITIL Foundation Exam.

I will walk you through each piece below.


My ITIL V3/2011 Foundation Exam LiveLessons videos are available in two places online: directly from my publisher which is’Reilly for $239.99 (use coupon “KNAPP60″ for 60% off that price!). It is also available on SafariBooksOnline, but I don’t know how much it costs there, since they’re just a reseller. If you already happen to have a SafariBooksOnline account, then it might make sense to watch the videos there. But if you don’t, definitely watch them at’ so you can use the discount code. (Please note: I have no control over these prices.)

REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU ARE WATCHING THE CORRECT VIDEOS! I have two different ITIL Foundation video classes out there… one is old and out of date, and one is the current one. The out of date product is called “ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor.” YOU DO NOT WANT THAT ONE, because it was recorded in 2009, before ITIL 2011 even came out. It won’t help you pass the exam… it’s like using a Windows XP manual to pass a Windows 10 exam. (Yes, I know the Pearson/O’Reilly website and the Safari website have the release date as June 2011. That’s just when they started selling it. I assure you, I recorded it in 2009. Do not buy it, no matter how cheap it is.) The name of the videos you DO want is “ITIL Foundation Exam LiveLessons” and it has a bright orange picture and slides. Sometimes they just call it “ITIL Foundation Exam” and leave off the “LiveLessons.” Either way, you want to buy the videos that have a lot of orange on the cover and on the slides. (For the record, I have no idea why my publisher and Safari still sell the old edition. I keep asking them to take it down. Oh well.)


(2) THE WORKBOOK (Comes with two official sample exams!):

You will follow along in this workbook as you watch the videos. This workbook is just like the workbook you would receive if you were taking my class in person. So many training organizations just offer a workbook with images of the slides and no explanations underneath them… I hate that. This workbook contains all of the presentation slides, a ton of notes explaining each slide in detail, exam pointers, tips and tricks, extra goodies, an official ITIL glossary and acronym list, a list of links and downloadables for you to check out after class to learn more or to continue your studies, two official ITIL sample exams with answer keys and answer rationales that are very, very close to the real exam, plus tons of room for your notes, memory tips for remembering many concepts, and more! The workbook is around 450 pages, and meant not only to be used while you take the video class, but also to be used as a reference resource after class. It’s easiest for me to send this to you via PDF so you don’t have to worry about shipping costs; plus you get it faster.

Workbook prices:
[] If you prefer to work from an electronic (PDF) copy of the workbook so you can print it yourself (or perhaps you just prefer working from a screen), that costs $89.99 (PDF copies are full-color by default). Order it by sending me an email (“materials at”). I will send you a secure, electronic invoice, and once you pay it online, I will send you a download link to your materials that will be watermarked with your name and email address to show it is licensed to you. (Note: The workbook is VERY large (450 pages), so if you have access to a good (preferably color) printer at work, I would print it there, double-sided, and put it in a 3-ring binder. Or, just work from the PDF.) This is the least expensive and the quickest option.

[] If you would like to have a physical, printed, spiral-bound full-color workbook shipped to you, it costs $179.99, plus shipping. It has cardstock tabs separating each section, is printed on 100% recycled paper, and is also fully recyclable right down to the binding. Order it through my online store.

[] If you would prefer the physical, printed, spiral-bound black-and-white version of the workbook shipped to you, it costs $89.99, plus shipping. It has cardstock tabs separating each section, is printed on 100% recycled paper, and is also fully recyclable right down to the binding. Order it through my online store.



The Study Guide is probably the most important thing you can purchase (other than my videos) to help you pass the exam. It is meant to be used AFTER you watch the videos to solidify the definitions, processes, stages, models, etc. into your memory. It won’t make much sense if you look at it before you watch the videos, since it doesn’t provide any context and isn’t pretty; it is purely an “exam-cram” tool. This study guide takes every single exam topic and shrinks it down to tiny bulleted bite-sized chunks, and arranges them by lifecycle stage. As an extra option, you can order a pre-highlighted version where the most popular exam topics are highlighted for you, so you can spend a little extra time studying those terms and concepts. This study guide has helped sooooo many people, and it is the key to success! :)

Study Guide prices:
The study guide comes in several versions:
[] The plain, non-highlighted version is $20.00.
[] The highlighted version that has the most popular exam topics highlighted for you is $25.00.

The Study Guide also comes in two paper sizes; six legal size (8.5″ x 14″) pages, or 10 regular letter/A4 sized (8.5″ x 11″) pages. They both contain the same exact information. I kinda prefer the legal-sized ones because there are six video sections, so it’s nice to have one page per video section. But not everyone has legal-sized paper laying around, which is why I also offer it in a letter-size format. If you’re never going to print it and are just going to study it from a screen, order the six-page legal size one. Just let me know which version you want when you order it.

If you’d like to buy an electronic (PDF) copy of the study guide and have it emailed to you, you can simply send me an email (use “materials at”). I will email you a secure, electronic invoice, and once you pay it online, I will send you a download link to your materials. When you email me, please let me know if you’d like the 6-page legal-size version, or the 10-page letter/A4 version, and if you’d like it pre-highlighted or not.



After you’ve watched the videos, studied hard, taken the two sample tests in the workbook, and you feel like you’re ready to take the exam, it’s time to schedule your actual exam! You can take it one of two ways:
Take the exam online from home or work, as long as you have a computer with a webcam… or you can take it in person at a Pearson-VUE Testing Center location.

Yes, it’s true– you can actually take the ITIL Foundation exam online, as long as you have a computer with an internet connection AND a webcam. The webcam is used to an exam supervisor can watch you take the exam to ensure you aren’t using any notes, etc.

Starting in 2018, PeopleCert is the only Exam Institute providing ITIL exams, so simply head to PeopleCert’s website and follow their directions online for buying, booking, and taking the exam online. The official name of the exam is “ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management,” so make sure you choose that exam and not the new ITIL 4 Foundation exam.

If you don’t want to take the exam using your own computer (or if you don’t own a webcam), then you can actually go to a Pearson Vue Testing Center to take the exam in person, similar to how you’d do a Microsoft or Cisco certification exam.

Follow these steps:

1) Click here for a list of all PeopleCert exams you can take at Pearson Vue. (PeopleCert is the company that creates and grades ITIL exams.)
2) On the menu going down the right side of the page, click “View exams.” It has a little 3-line icon.
3) Now, scroll down and select “ITIL 2011 Foundation 2011.” (ITIL V3 was updated in 2011. It is still ITIL V3.)
4) The rest you can do from there. :-) Make sure you have your payment method handy to book your exam.

As of this moment (May 2019), the exam costs around $330… but please note that the exam prices fluctuate, and I have no control over the price, obviously. :)

THAT’S IT! Now let’s recap…

So, you can earn your ITIL Foundation Certification for just over $500! HOW?

$89.99 For the PDF version of my 450-page ITIL Foundation workbook (or $179.99 + shipping for the full-color version shipped to you). Order it by sending me an email at “materials (at)”
$20.00 for the study guide ($25.00 for the pre-highlighted version) Order it by sending me an email at “materials (at)”
$330.00 (roughly) for the exam – Take it using the instructions above
$96.00 for the videos with the KNAPP60 coupon at’Reilly (This coupon does not work on Safari Books.)
$535.99 — that’s quite a deal!

I hope this is helpful and explains everything for you. I know this is a ton of material, but I truly believe my online videos offer the most energetic, helpful instruction of ITIL, using real-world examples.

I wish you the best of luck!

Happy studying, and happy test-taking! Let me know how you did!

My best,


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