Want to learn ITIL 4? Take a class with me!

Hello, all!

I hope this finds you all safe, healthy, and holding up OK in this time of Covid. It is really remarkable how quickly our world has changed.

Anyway, since my last blog post announcing that I’m unable to create ITIL 4 Foundation videos due to a well-meaning rule that Axelos put in place, folks have been emailing me asking how they can still learn from me.

That’s easy! Drop me a line, and let’s get some online training scheduled! I’m a freelance instructor, and I have lots of training partners that can set up a class with me as your instructor.

Class Durations:

Classes are delivered online via Zoom in a few different standard class durations:
[] A 2.5-day online class. The first two days are spent teaching the material itself, and the final half-day we spend doing a full review, and working through one of two official sample exams. An exam voucher is included in the cost of a class, and before you’re dismissed, I make sure you have all of the information you need to take the exam online. Some students schedule the exam immediately while the information is still fresh, and others choose to schedule it for later after the material has sunk in and solidified a bit. It’s your call entirely. (Exam vouchers are good for one year.)

[] A 4-day class with four 4.5-hour days. It’s the same amount of learning as above, except the coursework is spread out over more days in shorter bursts. Some folks find this easier on their brains and schedules; other folks find the other way preferable. We’re happy with either duration!

[] If one of those two options don’t work for you, drop me a line and let’s get creative! Together we can come up with a training solution that works best with your schedule and attention span.

Class Size:
Classes can be run with just one student attending, or up to a max of 24 students at a time. Do you have friends or co-workers who would like to take class together? Great! Let’s get something started!

Class Materials:
Each student receives:
[] The student workbook
[] One 16-page study guide, which takes all examinable topics and concepts and boils them down to memorable chunks.
[] One ITIL Foundation Exam Voucher good for one calendar year, so you can take the exam online whenever you feel ready.
[] Once you pass your exam, you’ll get 6 months of access to “My ITIL,” which is a subscription-based service containing a ton of incredibly helpful ITIL resources to get you “ITIL-ing” in your workplace right away!

To schedule a class, please reach out to me at scheduling at knapp-it.com, and we’ll start the process !

I look forward to teaching you the ways of ITIL.

Talk to you soon! Until then, please stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, and know that we’re gonna get through this.

My best,


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