ITIL® Executive Overview Session

This session is a very flexible workshop that can be built around your needs. At its core, it is an informational overview of what ITIL is and isn’t, and how ITIL’s wholistic approach to service management can benefit your organization. This session does not include an exam, and the presentation portion of our sessions is limited to about 15 slides. But this session can be more than just a presentation. It’s flexible!

The typical target audience for our ITIL® Overview Session includes IT Executives, Senior IT Managers, IT supervisors, key stakeholders from the business seeking to understand what ITIL is. After all, how can an organization decide to invest in ITIL Foundation training (and beyond) without understanding what ITIL does?

This session is also very useful for or sales executives and Account Managers who need a short ITIL explainer so they may better sell ITIL courses to their customers.

The presentation-portion of the session includes a general introduction to IT Service Management as a concept and a practice, ITIL 4’s Service Value System, how ITIL 4 aligns with other popular ways of working such as DevOps, Lean, and Agile; and an overview of ITIL’s most popular practices. Benefits of an ITIL-based approach to Service Management and how these contribute to meeting IT and business objectives are included.

The Overview can be customized to your audience. Need a presentation for your sales team? Need a business justification pep talk? Need to win a contract that requires your organization to be familiar with ITIL? We can help! An optional 30-45 minute Q & A session can be included within this presentation. Session length can be anywhere from a 90-minute “lunch and learn,” or an all-day session that also includes team-building exercises.

An optional 30-45 minute Q & A session can also be included within this presentation. Session length may not exceed 7 hours, and can be offered on half-day or full-day classes, at either your location or offsite.

Please contact us at info [at] to discuss your requirements, and we can make it happen!

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