What Students are Saying

At the conclusion of every Knapp I.T. instructed class, students are asked to fill out an anonymous evaluation form. Here are some excerpts.


I thought the instructor did an excellent job.  She kept the class engaged and amused.  I thought Jill was one of the best instructors I've had.

The instructor presented the course very well w/ great analogies.  Kudos to her!

Jill was very knowledgeable and kept us all participating and interested.  Very Good.

Great energy, made a dry course more interesting. Very helpful.

Instructor made a dull topic interesting.  She is a fantastic technology trainer.

Great energy and enthusiasm for the course; a natural at teaching

One of the best courses I have ever been on!

Jill was Awesome!

Jill was a very good instructor.  She kept the course interesting and explained everything very well.

What did the instructor do well?  Everything.  Jill is an outstanding instructor.  She made a somewhat dry subject very interesting.

What one thing should not be changed?  Jill's delivery and enthusiasm.

What one thing should not be changed?  The instructor.  Jill rocks!!!


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