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Well, the truth is, the “us” is mostly just a “me,” though I have been known to call on my super-hero peers when a project requires more hands than I have.

My name is Jill Knapp, and I’m the President of Knapp I.T., Inc. I’m also Knapp I.T.’s Principal Consultant and Lead Trainer, a Certified ITIL Expert, and a Distinguished Professional in Service Management (DPSM). I personally create all of Knapp I.T.’s curricula and courseware, and I deliver almost all training classes that bear my company name. I’m proud of my company’s great reputation for delivering fun, interactive, successful, professional classes, based on our complete, accurate (and grammatically sound!) materials.

On the consulting side, I’ve helped countless organizations transform themselves from fire-fighting panicky departments to calm, process-following departments; it’s a beautiful thing! Back in the day, I worked as a desktop support technician, server and LAN/WAN admin, and a technical account manager, so I can talk the techie-talk and walk the value-walk. I hold a degree in Education and I have a public speaking/performance background as well. I’m not promising a stand-up routine when I teach, but I have never had a student fall asleep in class. :-)

I’m also the author of the new book/DVD set from Pearson/InformIT/Que called ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor, published in December, 2010.

I get almost all of my business through the kind referrals of satisfied customers, and through repeat business. It’s a pleasure building lasting relationships and adding more happy students and clients to the Knapp I.T. family.

How can Knapp I.T. help your organization? How can I help your career?

Drop me a line, and we’ll talk. I’ll be glad to send you my résumé and a sampling of student comments from prior classes to get the ball rolling. If my service offerings don’t give you exactly what you need, no worries. As a small business, I’m flexible, and would love to help build a custom solution to fit your needs.

To contact me, please drop me a line at jill at

Knapp I.T., Inc.
1 Woodcroft Lane, Suite 100
Wilmington DE 19810
office: 302-475-6414
fax: 302-235-3010