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The book/DVD set called “ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor” that looks like the image below is now outdated. But there’s a new 2011 edition out now! Read below for more information.

In 2009, I wrote a book called ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor which was published by Pearson IT Certification in early 2010. It was a combined book and DVD set which contains hours of instructor-led presentations providing both foundational reinforcement of exam topics as well as exam preparation tips and sample questions based on the ITIL V3 exam syllabus that was current at the time of publication.

In July of 2011, ITIL V3 was replaced with a newer version casually called “ITIL V3/2011″ which is slightly different than ITIL V3 and contains more examinable content. All exams as of January 1, 2012 are based on this new ITIL 2011 material. Since my first book/DVD set was published back in 2010, it naturally doesn’t include this new ITIL 2011 material, since that would require a time machine. :) 

Though my “ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor” book/DVD set is still available for purchase directly from the publisher as well as from booksellers like Amazon, that ITIL V3 Video Mentor book/DVD set is outdated and does not provide you all of the information necessary to pass the current exams. If you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-watch video to give you a nice ITIL overview, then definitely grab it if you find it. But if you are thinking about buying it to use to study for an exam, don’t do it. That would be like buying a book on Windows XP to learn about Windows 10… they’re close, but not close enough. :)

(If you already purchased ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor and are looking for the promised extra sample exam questions that I mentioned in that book Click here, m’dear. You’ll need the password from the book/DVD set to view it. Again, these “promised extra sample exam questions” are based on the old ITIL V3 2007-2010 exams, not the new ones released in 2012.)

But wait! There’s news! There’s an new product that’s updated for ITIL 2011! Yay!

I am thrilled that my ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor was in my publisher’s (Pearson IT Certification) Top 5 best-selling publications every month since its release. THANK YOU! And because of that, on January 5, 2015, I signed a contract with Pearson to create an updated version! This time it will be 100% streaming video only… no accompanying book. Don’t worry though; if you like having printed material to highlight and study from, I’ll make that available here on my website.

So… to buy the latest edition, head on over to Person IT Certification (or Safari Books Onlineif you prefer) and start streaming!

My very best,


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    Iam so happy to communicate with you.Szcondly I want to inform you that I have watched Pearson IT Certification – ITIL Foundation Exam LiveLessons and very listen carefully I loved what you explained At last ,is there any possiblity to mention your fondation in a book or novel Thnks a lot

  • Hi, Mohamed!
    Thank you so much for your kind words– I’m so happy that you are enjoying my work!
    I would like to understand more about what you’re looking to do with the book or novel and how you might mention my videos. You are welcome to email me directly and we can discuss it there. How’s that? My email is jill (at)

  • Ahmed Kazem

    i followed your lessons on safaribooksonline, really it’s amazing. you are the best to do this job.
    waiting for your ITIL 4 lessons.

  • Hi, Ahmed!
    Thanks so much for checking out my videos on Safari! I really appreciate your kind words; I had a blast making those videos.

    I do plan on making videos for ITIL 4, but I won’t be creating them for a good while. As you know, ITIL is a set of books… and ITIL 4 will also be a set of books, but only one of the books of the set has been written so far. I don’t feel like I can make videos about ITIL 4 or be an expert in ITIL 4 until all of the ITIL 4 books get written and published.

    It’s like writing a book report before the book even got written. :)

    The current version of ITIL (ITIL V3/2011) isn’t going anywhere for a good long time, so it’s still a good idea to continue with your ITIL 2011 studies.

    But when I’m ready to launch my ITIL 4 books, I’ll let everyone know!

    Thanks again!


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