Where’s my book?

I just heard today that my book, ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor, should be on bookstore shelves by Black Friday (Nov 26), just in time for holiday shopping. If you pre-ordered it from Pearson, there’s a good chance you’ll receive it before then. If you’re interested in the online version only, that should be available earlier than Nov. 26th, too.

For those of you worried that it won’t comply with version 4.3 of the exam syllabus, fear not. The book is perfectly aligned with version 4.3 of the syllabus, so we’re all good there.

This is all the info I have right now, but I am very anxious and excited to get the book out to you all!

3 comments to Where’s my book?

  • Jake Mustard

    This book has more shifting release dates than I have fingers, having placed my order on the 30th, July, I was expecting its arrival sometime in August. August, Septmeber and October will soon be passing, my fear, by the time it does become readily available it will be already out of date. One of its core attributes is that it is supposedly based on version 4.2 of the ITIL examination syllabus. Although, in the 6-8 months delay in publication the current ITIL examination syllabus is now at version 4.3. On this basis I fail to the see the value in its procurement, however if this delay was to incorporate the changes, I could be pursuaded not to cancel my order?

  • Hi Jake–

    The book is fully compliant with the version 4.3 of the syllabus. The only difference between 4.2 and 4.3 is APMG updated the language to reflect that students who are taking the exam in their non-native tongue can have an extra 15 minutes on the exam– that’s it. Nothing else has been added or removed from the syllabus. Good on you for checking, though! You’d be surprised how many people don’t even know the syllabus exists, let alone take the time to look at it.

    Only you can determine if you can wait for the book to come out; make the choice that best fits your needs. No hard feelings if you need to cancel. :-)

  • Jake Mustard

    Thank-you for reply and sorry, eventually ended up cancelling yesterday :-(

    Though I wish it every success if and when it does eventually arrive.