Have you heard the news? ITIL 4 is on the way in 2019!

Hi, all!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, but there hasn’t really been much going on to report… until now!

A few months ago at the itSMF Fusion 2017 conference this past November, Axelos announced that ITIL will be updated in 2018. (Watch a video of the announcement here!) This is great news, because as an instructor, consultant, and practitioner, I’ve been feeling that some parts of the framework needed a nudge to be more current.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • The new edition is being updated in 2018 and will likely come out in 2019, but we don’t know if that’s early 2019 or late 2019 yet.
  • The new version is going to be called “ITIL 4.” Not “ITIL V4,” not “ITIL 2019,” just “ITIL 4.” I dig it.
  • If you have any ITIL V3 / 2011 certifications, your certifications will still be good! So there’s no need to recertify unless you feel like it.
  • The ITIL update will (finally!) include practical info on how ITIL integrates with DevOps, Agile, and Lean. This was a huge gap before, and one of the biggest sticking points for my students during class.
    If you are an ITIL practitioner (meaning: someone with solid experience and advanced ITIL knowledge), you can contribute to the update! Join Axelos’ Global Research Program(me) and get involved! Your experience and insight matter!
  • The project leaders in charge of the ITIL update are people I really, really respect; knowing they are involved and at the helm gives me great confidence that ITIL 4 will be awesome, relevant, and useful. Of note, Lou Hunnebeck is one of my favorite ITIL gurus– she is absolutely brilliant. Stuart Rance is also involved, and I have a world of respect for him, too (plus he, like me, dresses colorfully… so I love him for that, too). There are other folks involved, too, of course; but I’m a fangirl of Lou and Stu. :)
  • You can read the official announcement and learn more on Axelos’ website.

    I’m sure you’re all dying to know if I’m going to create new videos for the new edition of ITIL… and that answer is “Of course!” But I imagine those videos won’t be recorded for a good while. The new edition of ITIL is coming out sometime in 2019, and the exams probably won’t be ready until mid-2019 (I’m guessing, here). So it’d be silly for me to record videos until the new exams come out and settle down a bit. But keep your eyes peeled here and I’ll keep you updated.

    I sure am excited about the ITIL update. How about you?

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