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Knapp I.T., Inc. is a boutique IT Service Management / ITIL Training and Consulting firm based in Wilmington, Delaware, and has been providing instructor-led classroom training for learning centers and companies across North America since 2007. Owned and operated by Jill Knapp, she had the pleasure of co-teaching the world’s first ITIL V3 Foundation class with an exam in June 2007, and was hand-picked by AXELOS to receive in-person ITIL 4 Training, shaping the ITIL 4 Foundation course syllabus. She is a respected voice in the ITSM community. Her students have earned some of the highest ITIL Foundation pass rates in the country; over 99% since 2008!**

Ms. Knapp is a Certified ITIL Expert and an ITIL 4 Managing Professional, and holds 15 ITIL certifications. She is also an Accredited Trainer, a Distinguished Professional of Service Management, and author of Pearson IT Certification’s wildly popular and successful ITIL Foundation self-study video series: ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor and its ITIL 2011 updated edition ITIL Foundation LiveLessons. Ms. Knapp also serves on the faculty at Villanova University as an adjunct professor and IT Service Management subject matter expert and curriculum designer for their ITIL Foundation Plus course.

Qual-IT, LLC has been providing trusted ITSM training and consultancy in the United States and Europe since 2009. Owned by Mr. Jurriaan Horowitz, an ITIL Service Manager and ITIL 4 Managing Professional, as well as a long-time colleague and friend of Ms. Knapp’s.

In 2016, Qual-IT and Knapp I.T., Inc. merged to share resources, and to leverage a stronger international presence. In recent years, Mr. Horowitz has taken more of an administrative role in the partnership, with Ms. Knapp in front of clients and students, and also writing accredited courseware for lease by training companies and freelance instructors worldwide. On paper, Knapp I.T., Inc. remains a wholly-owned subsidiary; but honestly, we’re just two people with fancy-sounding company names who are simply working together to share the load. :-)

Our companies are trusted and reliable partners of many training organizations worldwide, such as TEK Systems, Lantec, of Louisiana, ITSM Academy, Knowledge Peak, The Projex Group, VMWare, BridgeView Partners, BridgePoint, and Aptris. She applies her BA in Education and her expertise as a Master Trainer by providing Instructor Evaluation services to training organizations across North America, helping instructors improve their presentation skills.

Our students and clients include teams from Whole Foods, UPS, ESPN, Boeing, Merck, the Federal Reserve Bank, Fossil, State Farm, American Express, JP Morgan Chase, Dell, HP, FedEx, Nortel, University of Texas, Blackbaud, Kellogg’s, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Time Warner Cable, Windstream Corporation, AmeriHealth Caritas, Capital Group/American Funds, the US Army, the Canadian Armed Forces, Telcordia/Ericsson, Yale University, Texas Department of Veterans Affairs, Texas DOT, Selective Insurance, Century Link, City of Austin, Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and the USDA.

Knapp I.T., Inc. is a Woman-owned Small Business with a commitment to green sustainability and a proud Sponsor of the Arts.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: No training company can (or should ever) guarantee a passing grade. Jill’s unusually high pass rate is the result of creating an exceptionally detailed, typo-free, and easy-to-use workbook, plus her fun and relatable teaching style keeping students engaged, and motivated and inspired to study hard and try their best!


Why choose us for your ITIL training needs?

All too often, instructors are parrots: if you stole their PowerPoint presentation, they’d be lost. Not me.

The Knapp I.T. corporate philosophy is based on what I like to call “cluefulness.” Knapp I.T. has real world IT experience in addition to book-smarts. I’ve built help desks, I’ve designed and managed infrastructure, and I’ve worked all-nighters restoring from backups, just like you. My experience has been gained by working in small IT companies, Big 5 Consulting firms, government, healthcare, manufacturing, dot-com and financial industries throughout the United States and Canada. I’ve written white papers, served as guest blogger on several prominent ITSM sites, and even written a book for Pearson/Cisco Press: ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor which helps students pass their Foundation exam. I use my experience to understand your needs and to translate them into a roadmap for success!


Training Partners

Do you work for a training company that sponsors ITIL classes? Knapp I.T. + Qual-IT is a trusted partner of many training organizations, and serves as a reliable and successful contractor. Knapp I.T. can offer a turn-key ITIL Foundation solution for your training company; if you schedule the class, Jill will order the exams, handle the paperwork, provide the student workbooks, teach the class, proctor the exam, and best of all: earn your company loyal students!

LanTEC Computer Training Center, TEK Systems, Third Sky/VMWare, ITSM Academy, Knowledge Peak, Projex Group, BridgeView Partners, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, and Pultorak & Associates, and itPreneurs all rely on Jill’s expertise, fun teaching style, and over 99% pass rate. Add your organization to this list of world-class companies who trust their reputations to Knapp I.T. + Qual-IT!


A Green Commitment and a Volunteer’s Heart

Sure, we’re a small business, but every little bit helps to minimize our carbon footprint.

  • We deliver training all throughout the world, so we fly a lot. Since our inception in the mid-2000s, we’ve committed to purchasing the proper carbon offset credits to minimize the environmental impact of our travel. We never bill this back to our customers.
  • Every student workbook is printed on 100% recycled paper, without plastic covers or backings. The covers are printed on heavy cardstock, so they’re plenty sturdy! And of course we also offer digital materials.
  • For our everyday office printing, we only print on 100% recycled paper from Office Depot. Sure it’s more expensive, but isn’t it worth it?
  • All of our secure shredding is recycled after its destruction.
  • We only drink organic, free trade coffee (and we drink a lot of it).
  • Our employees are given paid time off to work for local charities.
  • We have a corporate matching program; for every dollar an employee donates to a charity, Knapp I.T., Inc. will match it dollar for dollar.
  • Every little bit helps!

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Contact Us

To contact us, please drop a line at info at knapp-it.com.

Knapp + Qual-IT
1 Woodcroft Lane, Suite 100
Wilmington DE 19810
office: 302-475-6414
fax: 302-235-3010

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