Handy ITIL Exam Timer (It’s free!)

Are you an ITIL trainer? Do you also proctor exams? Do you struggle with calculating when to tell your exam-takers how much time they have left in an exam session? Well, your pal Jill did some mathing for you. Who loves ya? (Answer: ME.)

In this handy Excel spreadsheet, simply enter the exam start-time in the obvious box, and through the magic of Excel, the other boxes will automagically populate with the countdown times.

This tool works for all ITIL exams, from Foundation, Practitioner, all the way through the Intermediate exams.

Check it out:

ITIL Exam Timer image

Just enter the start time of your exam, and voila! (Click the image for a closer look.)

If you like it, just click here to download it.

I hope this is useful for you!



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