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Ladies and gentlemen, my newest ITIL training product, ITIL 2011 Foundation Exam LiveLessons is now available at Pearson IT Certification and on Safari Books Online. I’m beyond excited! I worked very hard to create a product that explains the ITIL Foundation material in an accessible, interesting, and (dare I say) FUN way. I had a blast recording these videos at Pearson’s way-cool studios in San Francisco in April 2015. (Hi, Pete!)

This video product contains over 16 hours of streaming lessons which explain the most popular ITIL Foundation exam topics, in an easy to understand and engaging way.

The closest you can get to having me in the classroom teaching you live and in-person is the one-two punch of watching these videos and using the accompanying workbook (sold separately; use the marketplace link below). These videos capture my training schpiel as if I was in a classroom (whiteboards and all!), and the workbook sold below is almost the same exact one my students get in my classes… over 400 pages of ITIL goodness, containing all of the presentation slides (plus lots of bonus slides to cover the new 2016 material!), copious notes under each slide giving even more information than what’s said in the videos, plus two full sample exams, and still even more sample questions peppered throughout the material. You’ll have so much practice taking the exam questions, learning how to pick them apart and jump to the correct answer. I want you to pass your exam, and I give you the tools you need to knock it out of the park!

I designed these videos for people who took the self-study route and wanted some clarification and reinforcement of ITIL exam topics from an actual person, or for people who attended classroom training and wanted additional examples. (But between you and me, I get 2-3 emails per week from students telling me that they simply watched the videos and purchased the workbook and study guide below, and they passed with flying colors. See some of those comments below.)

If you bought my previous (now outdated!) VideoMentor product from 2009 called (ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor), you’ll remember that it was a combo book + DVD set, but this new ITIL Foundation LiveLessons product is consists of videos ONLY. The videos give you everything you need, but they require you to pause the videos and take notes by hand (or screen shots), and that’s annoying. So I strongly encourage you to consider using some of the printed material below, in addition to watching the videos. Check out the supplemental goodies I have for you below; some are for purchase, and there are some freebies too.



ITEMS FOR PURCHASE (printed and shipped to you… or licensed and emailed to you as a PDF!):

Head on over to and you’ll find:

  • ITIL Foundation Exam LiveLessons Workbook in two formats:
    1. A 450+ Page Student Workbook in Black and White, containing all LiveLessons presentation slides, detailed notes, two official sample exams (which include answers, answer rationales, as well as a table showing the workbook page on which every sample question was addressed), plus and bonus material not found in the video! ($89.99 USD)
    2. The same The same 450+ Page student Workbook, but in Full Color, containing all LiveLessons presentation slides, detailed notes, two official sample exams (which include answers, answer rationales, as well as a table showing the workbook page on which every sample question was addressed), plus and bonus material not found in the video! ($179.99 USD – I know this is expensive, but unfortunately it costs a lot to print in full color. Aren’t your eyeballs and your career worth it? I promise it’s worth every dime. If you’d prefer a more economical option, check out the black and white version above.)


I hope these items are helpful for you!

Thank you so much for your support, patience, and kind words. I worked so hard to create these products for you and am beyond excited they’re finally available to you. When you consider that most ITIL Foundation courses cost upwards of $1000/student, you’re getting quite the bargain by purchasing the videos plus a workbook and a Study Guide. Those three things together give you everything my classroom students get when they book an in-person class with me… except this way, you have the luxury of working at your own pace. Fantastic!

So– go get ’em, Champ! And best of luck on your ITIL journey!


My materials have been getting rave reviews. Here are just a few of the great comments I’ve received… reprinted with permission, of course! (And feel free to add your own comments below!)

  • Jill, I really enjoyed your videos but taking so many screenshots was too much. I purchased your workbook and it saved me so much time, but also provided so much more information and I have a much clearer picture. Thanks to you! –Rohit P.
  • Thank you for making that 6-page ‘exam-cram’ study guide!!! It is worth every penny like you said!!!! I passed my exam with a 90% thanks to you!!! — Steve D.
  • Jill you are a wonderful instructor and a gifted writer. i thank you very much for the workbook. I bought the color version (my eyes aren’t what they used to be lol) and it was worth the extra money. the tabs are helpful and the two sample exams are also very nice to have. i took my exam on November 14th via webcam and got 37 out of 40! i wish i knew for sure what three i got wrong, but i think i know. thank you again Jill. — Dorinda B.
  • The workbook / manual made it feel like I was in the classroom with you. I could follow along very easily, all of the slides matched perfectly, and It was very good to have all of the notes and explanations underneath the slides. I am not sure why the workbook isn’t included in with the videos just like your old ITIL V3 was a book plus a dvd. [Jill adds: My publisher did not want to provide a book, even though I told them it was really important that you all have something to follow along with. When they told me I could create and sell my own, I did!] I am very happy with the videos and also with the workbook/manual. Thank you for creating it even though your publisher didn’t want you too. You clearly had your student’s best interests in mind and it shows. I’ll let you know how I do on my exam in December! –Craig V.

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  • Thank you very much for your kind words, Frank! I’m so happy the materials were useful for you! :-)

  • Wim Poort

    Hi Jill,

    I am studying ITIL 2011 Foundation Exam LiveLessons with your fantastic stuff. YOu are very great in explaining. Your stuff is also ideal for as a reference work. Now I am an IBM-er. But about 2 weeks I will leave IBM to work for another boss. I am afraid I can’t use this link:
    Is there a matter to hold this stuff when I am gone with IBM. Because I will also do an exam. I am deaf and lives in Holland. So your videos including subtitles are really fantastic for me. So I hope I can keep this information. Thank you.

    Wim Poort

  • Hi there, Wim!
    I just sent you an email reply. I’m so sorry I missed your comment when you first wrote it. Please let me know if the email I sent was useful! Or you can write me directly at “jill (at)”

    Thank you!

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