ITIL 2011 Foundation LiveLessons

Ladies and gentlemen, my newest ITIL training product, ITIL 2011 Foundation Exam LiveLessons is now available at Pearson IT Certification and on Safari Books Online. I’m beyond excited! I worked very hard to create a product that explains the ITIL Foundation material in an accessible, interesting, and (dare I say) FUN way. I had a blast recording these videos at Pearson’s way-cool studios in San Francisco in April 2015. (Hi, Pete!)

This video product contains over 16 hours of streaming lessons which explain the most popular ITIL Foundation exam topics, in an easy to understand and engaging way.

I designed these videos for people who took the self-study route and wanted some clarification and reinforcement of ITIL exam topics from an actual person, or for people who attended classroom training and wanted additional examples.

If you bought my previous (now outdated!) VideoMentor product from 2009 called (ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor), you’ll remember that it was a combo book + DVD set, but this new ITIL Foundation LiveLessons product is consists of videos ONLY. I encourage you to consider using some of the supplemental goodies I have for you below.




Contact me directly (materials at, and we can talk about how to get you a licensed ITIL Foundation workbook and/or a study guide, just like my ITIL Foundation classroom students get.

Thank you so much for your support, patience, and kind words. I worked so hard to create these videos for you and am beyond excited they’re finally available.


Head on over to, and you can take the exam online– it’s a great service, and you get your exam results right away! Click here, and make sure you’re choosing “ITIL(R) FOUNDATION” and not ITIL 4 Foundation!

Speaking of ITIL 4, I hope to be releasing ITIL 4 videos in 2020. Stay tuned!

So– go get ’em, Champ! And best of luck on your ITIL journey!


54 comments to ITIL 2011 Foundation LiveLessons

  • Thank you very much for your kind words, Frank! I’m so happy the materials were useful for you! :-)

  • Wim Poort

    Hi Jill,

    I am studying ITIL 2011 Foundation Exam LiveLessons with your fantastic stuff. YOu are very great in explaining. Your stuff is also ideal for as a reference work. Now I am an IBM-er. But about 2 weeks I will leave IBM to work for another boss. I am afraid I can’t use this link:
    Is there a matter to hold this stuff when I am gone with IBM. Because I will also do an exam. I am deaf and lives in Holland. So your videos including subtitles are really fantastic for me. So I hope I can keep this information. Thank you.

    Wim Poort

  • Hi there, Wim!
    I just sent you an email reply. I’m so sorry I missed your comment when you first wrote it. Please let me know if the email I sent was useful! Or you can write me directly at “jill (at)”

    Thank you!

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