ITIL 2011 Foundation LiveLessons

IMPORTANT: As of 2022, This “ITIL(R) Foundation LiveLessons” video suite is outdated; it will not help you pass the latest ITIL Foundation exams as of 2021. The videos are for the prior version of ITIL (ITIL V3/2011), but that version of ITIL has reached end of life. I do not have videos for the current version of ITIL, known as ITIL 4.

Again, to be clear: If you are using the videos from O’Reilly, Safari, etc. called “ITIL Foundation LiveLessons” that look like the image below, they are for an old version of ITIL and they will not help you pass the current exams. If you are trying to earn your certification and pass the exam, these videos will not help; you have purchased the wrong thing.

I have asked O’Reilly and wish these sellers weren’t still making these videos available, because people are spending their money and time on videos that will not help them pass the ITIL 4 exams. Unfortunately, I do not have control over these vendors. You may wish to contact whomever you purchased the videos from and ask for a refund or choose a different product they offer.

I am no longer offering video training and haven’t offered it for several years now.

With all that said, if you are just trying to learn about the prior version of ITIL (since it’s still pretty practical information in general), the videos are handy and certainly won’t hurt. But they absolutely will not help you pass the official certification exam.

ITIL is a registered trade mark of PeopleCert, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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  • Thank you very much for your kind words, Frank! I’m so happy the materials were useful for you! :-)

  • Wim Poort

    Hi Jill,

    I am studying ITIL 2011 Foundation Exam LiveLessons with your fantastic stuff. YOu are very great in explaining. Your stuff is also ideal for as a reference work. Now I am an IBM-er. But about 2 weeks I will leave IBM to work for another boss. I am afraid I can’t use this link:
    Is there a matter to hold this stuff when I am gone with IBM. Because I will also do an exam. I am deaf and lives in Holland. So your videos including subtitles are really fantastic for me. So I hope I can keep this information. Thank you.

    Wim Poort

  • Hi there, Wim!
    I just sent you an email reply. I’m so sorry I missed your comment when you first wrote it. Please let me know if the email I sent was useful! Or you can write me directly at “jill (at)”

    Thank you!

  • Hi Jill, I am looking for ITIL Practitioner training videos and read in few places about you, would appreciate your assistance in this matter.

  • Hamid


    in your videos you have mentioned that you will make available 400 doc with all slides in your videos.

    i can not find them in this page.

    Thanks in advance for your help


  • Rovshan

    Hey Jill. Your explanation is great with the help of your body language. Keep up this style. I just wish you had more sample questions at the end of the session which covers more aspects. This is also better for memorizing things

  • Hi, Rovshan!
    I’m so sorry for the late replies– for some reason I wasn’t getting notified of comments so I’m just seeing a bunch of these now.

    I’m so happy you found my teaching style helpful– my mom was a teacher, and honestly, I get a lot of it from her. :)

    Thanks also for the feedback about the sample questions. At the time we created those videos, there were rules in place that said we could only use the official sample questions that were provided by Axelos; we were strongly discouraged from making up our own. So I included all 80 sample questions I could– there were about 40 peppered throughout the presentation, and the downloadables on my site gave you access to the full 80 questions. I wish I could have provided more, but “rules is rules,” as they say. :-)

  • okechukwu anosike

    Pls do you have videos on the ITIL V4

  • Hello, Okechukwu!

    I apologize for just seeing your comment now. I was doing a website migration and comments were suspended for a few months without me seeing them. Unfortunately, I’m unable to create ITIL 4 training videos due to a rule that Axelos put in place. It is a well-intentioned rule, but unfortunately it impacts me directly and prevents me from making these videos for sale on Safari/OReilly/etc.

    I recently wrote a blog entry about it, and you’re welcome to read it here:

    I pray there will be some kind of workaround or change in the future, but it doesn’t look likely. Should anything change I will definitely let you know. I really appreciate your kind words and interest in my work.

    My best,


  • Ruddy Stouder

    Hello Jill,

    Even if ITIL V4 trainings and exams were available, I found your v2011 videos versions so I went for that version.

    I followed you ITIL v2011 training videos. I liked them very much and even if I am native French speaking, your videos were very clear and very easy to follow.

    I attempted the ITIL v2011 foundation exam which I succeeded thanks to you.

    Best regards,