The LiveLessons downloadables are up!

The downloadables are up! (Which is better than saying the uploadables are down, I suppose.) (Which they aren’t! They’re up! They’re available! And they’re ready for ya!)

So head on over to my ITIL 2011 LiveLessons Page right here on my website and see what stuff I have cookin’ for you there. Some items are free, and others cost money.

If you’re wondering why some things cost money:

The ITIL 2011 LiveLessons product was never designed to come with a workbook. My publisher told me to create the LiveLessons videos so they covered all exam topics, and that students would be expected to take notes. I made sure to emphasize those exam topics with that little red pencil symbol… so you’re all set! You were never under absolutely any obligation to purchase anything (other than access to the videos, of course) to be successful.

But if you want to save time, well, that’s going to cost you. ;-)   It took me a very long time to create these workbooks, and it cost me a lot of money to get them licensed, accredited, and approved. You absolutely don’t need these additional items, but I thought it would make your life easier so I created them for you.

I gave you everything I could for free. But if it cost me to license it, create it, or to print it, I needed to charge for it. I’m confident when you see how huge these workbooks are, and how jam-packed the study-guide is, you’ll acknowledge they’re worth every penny.

When you consider that most ITIL Foundation courses cost upwards of $1000/student, you’re getting quite a bargain by purchasing the videos plus a workbook and maybe a Study Guide. Those three things together give you everything my classroom students get when they book an in-person class with me… except you get to work at your own pace, and I don’t have to fly to you. Everyone wins!

I’m so excited the marketplace is done and everything is signed and ready to go.

Let the downloading begin! :)


ITIL 2011 Foundation Exam Live Lessons is live!

Hi all!

Yaaaaay! I’m so excited! As of August 6th 2015, my latest exam prep product ITIL 2011 Foundation Exam LiveLessons is available now via Pearson IT Certification and also over at Safari Books Online.

I had a BLAST recording these videos this past April at Pearson’s gorgeous studio in San Francisco. I got to work with Pete Vilotti (Pearson’s waycool camera guy) in the studio that week, and I even got to meet his equally-cool wife, Christie. My beau Matt came with me to San Francisco, and the four of us even hung out one night after work, too. So not only was it a successful work week, we made some super-cool new friends. You can’t beat that.

Just like my last ITIL V3 Video Mentor product, this LiveLessons video series isn’t meant to replace classroom learning or your 25 hours of self-study… it’s only meant to complement and supplement it. But it does focus on the most popular exam topics so you’ll be sure to get the extra reinforcement where you need it!

If you choose to check it out, I really hope you like the LiveLessons video series.

Yes, there will finally be an update to the Video Mentor book!

Hi, all! Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this thing. I thought I’d pop in and give you a pretty exciting update!

If you’re one of the folks who enjoyed my ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor book/DVD set from a few years back, you’ve probably been wondering when there’d be an update. Well, I just signed a contract with my publisher, Pearson IT Certification, to create an updated version based on ITIL 2011 and the latest versions of the exams! Yee-haw! In fact, I just submitted my outline 20 minutes ago. I’m pretty excited! It’s tentatively titled ITIL 2011 Foundation Exam LiveLesson, though that may certainly change.

The format will be different, however. Instead of it being a book/DVD set like my previous work, this will be a streaming video series only, available on Safari, and on the other platforms Pearson publishes content to. There won’t be a published book. However, if you’re like me, you like to have printed stuff in front of you. You can either take a zillion screen shots (ugh, no fun), or you can grab the supplemental printed materials I’ll have available here on my website for a few bucks extra; I promise it’ll be worth every dime. I don’t want to gouge anyone.

Many companies are slashing their training budgets and are asking their employees to take computer-based training, and my video series will be an entire ITIL 2011 Foundation class online. It’s about as close as you can get to having me in your classroom.

I’m scheduled to fly to Pearson’s video studio in San Francisco (wheeee!) in April to get it all recorded, and it’ll hopefully be available by the summer. I guess I’ll need to buy a new shirt or two. :)

So, if you can hold out until the summer, you’ll have access to some really neat ITIL Foundation training via Safari featuring yours truly. I promise it’ll be worth the wait.

See you then!

All the best for 2015!