ITIL® 4 Foundation – Three-day class

Get a Jump-Start on ITIL 4 with ITIL 4 Foundation!

Since the late 1980s, ITIL has been the de facto set of books outlining the framework of best practices for IT Service Management. Last updated in 2011 (“ITIL V3/2011”), these ITIL books are currently being updated once again to a new version called “ITIL 4”, with the suite being fully released by the end of 2020.

The first book of the new ITIL 4 suite is an overview book called ITIL Foundation: ITIL 4 Edition. A class and an exam have been created to teach students ITIL 4’s most elemental concepts and vocabulary, so they can better absorb and apply guidance in the future ITIL 4 books once they are all fully released. ITIL 4 Foundation is the start of the journey, and provides a foundational introduction to this exciting evolution in IT Service Management!

This course provides an awareness-level understanding of the newly-released ITIL 4 concepts though presentation, lecture, guided discussions, exercises, and games, setting students up for success on the ITIL 4 Foundation exam, and paving the way for absorbing the rest of the ITIL 4 framework once it is slowly released through the end of 2020.

The class duration is typically three days, with 2.5 days being spent on teaching the material, and the last half day spent on exam preparation and then administering the exam at the end of the day. Of course, if students would like more time to study, students may also take the exam at a later date quite easily with the purchase of an online exam voucher.

Click here to download the ITIL 4 Foundation course description and course outline.

1 comment to ITIL® 4 Foundation – Three-day class

  • Adriyana Armyanova

    Hi, What is the price of the training per student? If we are group of people will there be a discount (what will be the price?) Is it possible to have it as a 4-day class with four 4.5-hour days as suggested?
    Would the training be enough preparation for the exam including tips what to learn and what you will have on your exam (as the live lessons for ITIL v3 – they are the greatest!). Can we make sure that Jill will be our trainer upfront?
    Thanks for your response in advance.

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