It’s 6:50am.

It’s 6:50am.

At 6:30am, I finished the written portion of my book.
At 6:31am, I clicked “Save” (though I click Save every 23 seconds) and Word crashed. I lost the last few things I typed, which was totally no big deal. So just a moment ago I finished retyping what I lost, and now I am officially officially done with the written part of my book/DVD set.

Tally: 133 single-spaced pages, 32,404 words.

Next: Sleep.

Pulling an all-nighter felt good, in a triumphant collegiate kind of way.

(And lest you worry that I’m submitting the book as-is after pulling an all-nighter, have no fear. It goes through about 638761 rounds of revisions plus tech editing.)

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