Book status

It’s been a while since I posted anything about the progress on my book/DVD set (that’s ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor), so here’s the latest.

The book/DVD set has a total of six chapters. I set some deadlines for myself just to keep me on track.

  • Chapter 1 is the ITIL introduction, which consists of three lessons. Was easy-peasy. That chapter was due on 1/15, and I delivered it on time. Yay!
  • Chapter 2 is the lesson on Service Strategy, and it had five short-ish lessons. Also went pretty easily. That chapter was due on 1/22, and I delivered it on time. Woot!
  • Chapter 3 is the enormatron lesson on Service Design, and it has nine lessons. One of those lessons is ridunkulously long, which I underestimated when I was setting my deadlines. As of right now, I’m on Lesson 7 of 9 (insert Star Trek:Voyager joke here), so I have 2.5 lessons to go. No worries; I’m going to knock it out today.
  • Chapter 4 is the Service Transition chapter, and it has six lessons; again, one of the lessons is super-long, but I should be able to fit it in. This chapter is due this Friday, 2/5. I have to finish it on time, because I have social stuff I want (and need for my sanity) to do that weekend; and I’m the kind of person who can’t have any fun until the work is complete. (Eat your vegetables before ice cream! Do your homework before going outside to play!)
  • Chapter 5 is the Service Operation chapter, which has eight lessons; two of them are wicked-long. It’s due Friday, February 12. Given how Chapter 3 went, I should probably plan to work over that weekend.
  • Chapter 6 is the chapter on CSI, which has five lessons, but they’re all super-fast. These were originally due Friday, February 19th, but I’m leaving for Austin on 2/16 to do some teaching and consulting, so I’m moving my deadline earlier to Monday the 15th.

The home stretch is close, and I’m really getting excited about it!

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