Never thought to use LinkedIn for that…

As I’m sure you already know, LinkedIn is a social networking service for the business world. It allows you to connect to current, past (and potentially future) business contacts, make recommendations of their work, and participate in groups/message boards that are related to business topics you care about. (I wrote that for my mom who reads this blog but probably doesn’t know about LinkedIn. Hi, Mom!)

Don’t ask me how I even discovered this, but Barack Obama has a LinkedIn profile. It looks legit(ish?), but for some reason it just seems absurd for this man to have a LinkedIn profile; as if to give the impression that anyone can connect with him or hire him for a consulting gig. Listed under “Experience” it says simply “President, United States of America.” Well crud, how the heck am I supposed to compete with that? :-)

The best part:

Gotta say, I use LinkedIn a lot, and using it to discover how many degrees of separation there are between me and Kevin Bacon never even occurred to me. (My number is three, whether I use Linked In or not.) It’s cracking me up this morning.

Since we’re on the topic: If you’d like to connect to me on Linked In, please do. I’d be grateful if you’d add a note with your connection request saying how we know (or why we should know) each other. I’ve taught thousands of students over the years, and I admit I’m not great at remembering every name/face.

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