ITIL Foundation Exam Test-taking Tips

Many of my students haven’t taken an exam since high school or college, so they’re naturally a bit nervous about it. Here are a few tips and tricks for passing the exam.

  • First off, get a good night’s sleep the night before. This will help you more than the extra hour of cramming.
  • Take your time. You have an hour.

  • If you’re taking a paper-based exam in a classroom, you can write on your question packet. Underline keywords (especially words like “not” and “incorrect.”)
  • If you’re taking a computer-based exam, you’ll automatically have an extra five minutes added to your exam session to account for network latency, etc.
  • Read each question carefully. Even if you see a keyword, read the question and all answers completely to make sure there isn’t a better answer
  • Acronyms will be spelled out for you, so don’t have to memorize what ITIL’s acronym alphabet soup stands for
  • Expect there to be about three super-hard questions on every exam; don’t get psyched out. Just skip and go back if you can’t answer a question, and don’t forget to use the process of elimination!
  • Be suspicious of absolutes, e.g, “always,” “guarantees,” “never,” etc.
  • Read questions carefully: Don’t miss the word “not.” It may not always be capitalized or emphasized.
  • For testing purposes, always take the pure ITIL approach; do not think about how you’d approach the question in your own organization.

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