More ITIL V3 Foundation Exam tips

Continuing in the series of Exam Tips and Tricks, here are a few ways to help my American students navigate the British English often found on the exams.

Since ITIL was created in the UK, the ITIL books are written in UK English. If you speak American English, you should expect to see some differences in both language and spelling.

“Register” = To record; to type into a tool/database
“Register an incident” means “Open an incident ticket”
“Register an RFC” means “Fill out an RFC form”

“Agree the content”
Brits leave off the word “to” after the word “agree”
“Which process agrees the content of a Capacity Plan?” should parse as “Which process agrees to the content of a Capacity Plan?”

British spelling: S instead of Z
Organise = Organize
Utilise = Utilize
Optimisation = Optimization

These aren’t typos! I once had a student tell me that they didn’t choose a certain answer on an exam because they thought it was spelled wrong, and therefore a trick. Aaagh! It’s just the British English spelling; it’s not a trick. (Typos do happen on the real exams, however. If you’re unsure how to answer a question because of a typo, always ask your exam proctor.

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