Yet more ITIL Foundation Exam Tips

Continuing our series on ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Tips, here are a few more things to keep in mind.

  1. You’ll need to know the difference between processes and functions.
    Incident Management or Service Desk? 

    • Incident Management = the process
    • Service Desk = the function

    [] Which process is responsible for taking calls from end users and restoring their service ASAP? Incident Management, because it is the process.

    [] Which function is responsible for taking calls from end users and restoring their service ASAP? Service Desk, because it is the function.


  3. How can you tell the difference between the activities of Change Management vs. Release and Deployment Management?
    • Change Management = Paper-pushing verbs (e.g., manage, coordinate, monitor)
    • Release/Deployment Management = Action / heavy-lifting verbs (e.g., build, test, install, execute, do, implement

    [] Which process ensures that all authorized changes have been successfully implemented? Change Management
        () Rationale: You’re being asked who ensures that the changes have been successfully implemented. “Ensures” is a paper-pushing word, not a heavy-lifting word.

    [] Which process installs changes? Release and Deployment Management
        () Rationale: Even though the question has the word “changes” in it, don’t rush to the wrong answer! You are being asked who installs changes. “Installs” is a heavy-lifting word, so it’s Release & Deployment Management. 


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