Demystifying “ITIL 2011″

You’ve probably heard me mention that the ITIL V3 books (originally published in 2007) had some typos and inconsistencies across the five volumes. It happens, we’re human! These books have been cleaned up and updated a bit, and a new set of books was released this summer. While this isn’t a new version of ITIL (meaning, this certainly isn’t called “ITIL V4″ or anything), there are some notable differences between the two book sets.

The super-brilliant Julie Mohr of Mind The IT Gap, with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working virtually on a few projects, has written a terrific white paper outlining the changes and updates between the 2007 books and the 2011 editions.

Julie has kindly given me permission to pass her paper onto you. Check it out here. Thanks, Julie!

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